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Proach and effectiveness. â thank you oak acu for being here!!! viagra overnight u. s Was this review …? Useful (2) funny   cool   add owner comment bookmark   send to a friend link to this review review from lucia a. 4 friends 13 reviews lucia a. Oakland, ca 6/3/2011 this place rocks! â i went last year when i was totally stressed out after a big performance. â i was having ocular migraines and was worried that i'd have to go to uc opthamology for some serious work. viagra daily or as needed â after 2 sessions, they were completely gone. viagra without a doctor prescription miami â i went regularly for general stress, menopausal symptoms and other stuff for about 6 months. cheap generic viagra â a lot improved in my life. buy generic viagra online â i love all the practitioners there. viagra overnight u. s â priscilla is incredible. side effects of viagra on young men â she is very creative and uses some method that i'd never tried before. buy generic viagra and viagra â you can't beat the price and the community vibe is the best! viagra safe teenagers Was this review …? buy generic viagra online usa pharmacy Useful (1) funny   cool   add owner comment bookmark   send to a friend link to this review review from sara f. 255 friends 309 reviews sara f. Albany, ca 3/7/2008 1 photo ok, i haven't gotten treatment from this acupuncture clinic but i wanted to post a review to get the word out because this clinic operates on sliding scale fees! That's right, sliding scale, between $15-35 per session. cheap generic viagra The acupuncturist at this clinic are doing a great service to the whole community by offering these services at a reasonable cost. Since i can actually afford it, i might go! I'll report back when i do. Was this review …? Useful (9) funny (7) cool (9) add owner comment bookmark   send to a friend link to this review review from salsaboy s. 29 friends 296 reviews salsaboy s. Oakland, ca 8/31/2010 i'm on the fence about this review. can i buy viagra online in australia â there is a lot to like about the oakland acupuncture project. Can you get viagra over the counter in the uk â these folks are generous, easy-going, empathic, and providing a service to the community at affordable and sensitive sliding scale rates. â i wouldn't call it nuanced or sophisticated acupuncture; i would call it meat-n-potatoes acupuncture. â i've attended for some specific aches, none of which abated after several treatments. â i could continue to go for two or three appointments per week for months on end, but i question whether i should need to. â this isn't the first acupuncture i've had -- i'm rather an acupuncture old-hat -- and i've had more powerful treatments in one session than i've had here in several. â they take my pulse each time i come in, but i never got the sense that they had any idea what to glean from it. â other more traditional acupuncturists i've been to -- in the us and abroad, usually chinese -- who could gather more than one dozen bits of information from my pulse and connect it to my subjective reports of pain or tension to information gleaned from my tongue. viagra online cheap â i'm not moved that these guys -- as sweet and well-meaning as they are -- have anywhere near that expertise. Ok use viagra without ed That said, you do get what you pay for. where to buy viagra online â even were someone to pay the most expensive rate on the sliding scale ($35. The Bangla School of Victoria is a not-for-profit, voluntary and secular forum organised exclusively for culture, educational and charitable purposes. The School is dedicated to promoting the cultural and ethnic heritage of the Bengali community in Victoria. It seeks to develop and implement a program aimed at raising the interest of students in their inherent Bengali culture.


Mission Statement

To create well adjusted Australian-Bengali citizens who are able to face with pride, dignity and confidence the challenges of modern life whilst preserving their Bengali identity and heritage.


The school acknowledges the receipt of funding from the Victorian Multicultural Commission in 2010 as a community grant for organisational support.

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