Children's Literary Festival, BSS, 6 July 2013

Some students of the school participated in Shishu o Kishorder Ananda Mela, put on by Bangla Sahitya Sansad (Bengali Literary Society). Highlights of the program included a restaging of the scene from the dance-drama "Chandalika" and the staging of Tagore's play "Icchapuran" - directed by Arnab Chandra.

Annual Program, 12 May 2013

The students celebrated Bengali new Year with great zeal and enthusiasm. More than 150 invited guests from the Bengali and Bangladeshi communities attended & enjoyed the event

Based on the themes of Nabobarsho and Rabindranath tagore's birthday, children recited poems, participated in dances, sang Tagore's songs and played instrumental numbers. There was also a magic show, while other children participated in a colourful puppet show, organised by Arnab Chandra.

The function concluded with the staging of a scene from Tagore's famous dance-drama, "Chandalika". Shreya Barua and Shruti Ghosh joined dancers from the Bangla School of Victoria in the performance.

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